Clubs History


A to Z of Clubs History of Deeside Amateur Billiard & Snooker League
Name of Club Venue Time in League Remarks
Birkenhead YMCA
  1966 to   
Bebington Libs
 Stanley Road, New Ferry 1994 to 1995 Temporary  for Lobol
  1948 to
Crosville  Rock Ferry
New Chester Rd New Ferry   1982 to 1986   
Crosville Transport
 Orrysdale Rd, West Kirby    
Crosville West Kirby
Grange Rd, West Kirby     
 Upton Road, Moreton  1992 to 1995  
Dee Hotel
 44, Grange Rd,West Kirby  1999 to 2001  
West Kirby
1922 to
Deeside Utd Services
Laird St, Birkenhead   2002 to 2007
Park Rd South, Claughton   2008 to  2013  
  1922 to   
Gladstone Libs
 Church Road, Tranmere  1999 to 2005 Temporary for Police
Great Meols
School Lane, Meols
2002 to date
Now St John’s
Heswall Church Club
   to 1964 Heswall District 
Heswall Firestation
  to 1964
Heswall District
Heswall RBL
 Pensby Road, Heswall    
Haig Club
Haig Av, Moreton     
Hoylake Cons
Meols Drive, Hoylake    1984 to date   
Hoylake C.E.M.S.
  1922 to   
Hoylake Social
 Trinity Road, Hoylake    Originally “Grove”
Hoylake YMCA
 Birkenhead Rd, Hoylake   to1983  
Irby Social
 Thingwall Rd, Irby    
 Pool Lane, Bebington   1987 to 1994  
Moreton Social
   1922 to  
Morgan Social
     Heswall District
 Laird St, Birkenhead    
Neston RBL
 Hinderton Rd, Neston    
New Civil Defence
 Grove St, New Ferry  1996 to date  
Rafa Club
 Alton Rd, Oxton   2014 to date   
Railway, Meols
Birkenhead, Meols
  Temporary for St John
Rivacre Club
Rivacre Rd, Elesmere Port     
Royden Hall
   1922 to  Deeside Billiard only
Sandon Arms
     Heswall District
Sacred Heart
 Hoylake Rd, Moreton 1997 to date   
St John’s Club
School Lane, Meols  1922 to 2002   
Thingwall Recs
 Sparks Lane, Thingwall  2001 to 2015  
Thornton Hough
 Neston Rd, Thornton Hough   1962 to 2009   
Upton Legion
 Salacre Lane , Upton  1991 to 1992 Prior to Cuemasters 
Upton Victory Hall
 Salacre Lane , Upton  1922 to 1991  
    Moved to Rivacre
Wallasey Div Police
 Queens Rd, Hoylake  to 1982  
Wirral Police
 Mortimer St, Birkenhead  1982 to 1999  
Wirral Transport
West Wallasey Cons
West Kirby Bowling
West Kirby Legion
West Kirby M. Club
West Kirby Social