History of League

Deeside Amateur Billiard & Snooker League
(Formed 1922)

The Deeside Billiard League was formed in 1922 and remained a Billiard League only till approximately 1937 after the Second World War again approximately 1946 it returned as the “Deeside Amateur Billiard & Snooker League” ! with Nine teams in both Snooker and Billiard divisions.

The Heswall Snooker League (yet to find it’s birth) finished about 1964 and joined the above league shortly after. Neston RBL and Thornton Hough Mens Club possibly Irby Social?, joined the Deeside League 1965 mainly with the help of Tom Sparks, Arthur Morris and Peter Such previous longstanding members, sadly no longer with us but like others, will never be forgotten.

Now got copies of 1961 and 1963 “Heswall & District Amateur Snooker League” books loaned to copy by J Williams of Neston RBL, only 8 teams in the division, Heswall RBL had two teams, Sandon Arms had two, Thornton Hough, Irby,Neston and Heswall Fire Brigade! all had one. The books were printed by C Gill of Pensby road, entrant fee for a snooker team £1 and 1 shilling per player. 

Now able to confirm league league formed January 2nd 1922 the “Hoylake & West Kirby advertiser announces the following!

The first match in connection with the newly instituted Billiard League was played at the “Deeside united services club” West Kirby on Tuesday evening the 2nd inst

100 A. Rutter A.Wells 94
100 C.White A.G.Hughes 90
100 J. Lonsdale T.Jones 78
46 W.Rainford H.Graves 100
100 R.Bird J.Hesketh 90
100 W.Tottey R,Clinton 62
546 512

Out of interest the first ball played in the league was by none other than “Archie Rutter” the Father of our President Harold Rutter