League Rules




Clarified 29th  May 2018

  1. Name

The League shall be called

“The Deeside Amateur Billiard & Snooker League”

The Officer’s of the League and one named Delegate from each Club shall form the management Committee. Each Officer and Delegate shall have ONE vote, except the Chairman, who shall have only a casting vote. Seven shall form a Quorum.


  1. Rights of refusal

Membership to the League shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee.

All players must be members of the clubs who register them.       The Management Committee may at any time request proof       that a player is a bonafide member of the club for whom he plays or intends to play.

The Management Committee shall have full control of all members, either playing or desirous of playing in the league.           No professional shall be allowed to compete in any of its activities.


  1. Management

The Management Committee shall meet at the dates and venues agreed by them and printed in the handbook.                                          Full Treasurers/Secretary’s & Comp Secretary’s reports are to be presented at each of these meetings.

All Clubs MUST have a representative at all league monthly meetings, NO exceptions are to be given. Apologies will be accepted by telephone, in writing or any other method prior to a meeting, the club delegate will also have the facility to nominate a nominee to attend in their absence.

For each failing to have a representative attend these meetings, a penalty of THREE points will be applied to ALL TEAMS from the offending club. TO BE DEDUCTED IMMEDIATELY  AFTER THE OFFENCE.

For our FINAL meeting of the season, all CLUBS & TEAMS must be represented, no exceptions are to be given. For each CLUB or TEAM(S) failure to attend, will incur a penalty of THREE points, to be deducted with immediate effect from their points total at the finish of the season.


  1. Extra Ordinary General Meeting

A 75% majority is required to call a Special Meeting.

  1. Fixtures & Handicaps

The League shall be run on a Handicap system. The Management Committee will decide handicaps and are printed in the handbook. The maximum start a player shall receive in a single frame is 45pts. Each team shall be allocated fixture handbooks & result cards which will be published yearly.

Handicaps for new players to the League will be considered by the Handicap Committee only upon receipt of a fully completed registration slip, which must be forwarded to the Hon Secretary for the consideration of the Management Committee at their meetings.

If any club, player or delegate gives false information or fails to provide information that would have influenced the Management Committee in fixing a handicap for the player, then all games won by that player that season shall be forfeited by order of the Management Committee.





(5. Cont)

All points gained by the said new player(s) are to be deleted from the records, the player(s) to be re-assessed immediately. The player(s) shall be suspended and not be allowed to continue playing until they are re-handicapped by the Management Committee.

The Management Committee shall review the handicaps of all players at the end of the season when a handicap is reviewed, if the player concerned has a balance of FOUR or more matches won or lost over the total played in the period of the review, his handicap will be reviewed by FIVE points or such other alteration as the Management Committee may decide. NO eligible player shall be eligible to play until the Management Committee has given a handicap.

The first games that all league teams, in any of the team cup competitions( excluding the Ray Keane) play will count towards the Handicap adjustment of the whole season, however these cup matches will not count toward the MOST WINS, only league results will.

  1. New Registration

Each new registration will be awarded a handicap, which will be reviewed by the Hon.Secretary, if they do not play sufficient matches during their first season of registration, they will be re-assessed before any new season commences.

All NEW registrations are to be re-assessed at the First Quarter, Halfway, Three Quarter and at the End of season.

Delegates will be advised by the Hon.Secretary of any handicap revision, which will be the subject to confirmation by the Management Committee at the next meeting.

  1. Emergency Registrations

If in the event of a team being short of player(s) a request may be made for the use of “emergency player(s)” In the first instance an application should be made to the Hon. Secretary if he is not available then the Chairman should be contacted.

Please note: When an emergency player is used in a match, the team fielding the player(s) should have no more than six players, inclusive of the emergency player(s) if the team has six or more regular able bodied team players available, then the emergency player(s) should not play as they already have a full team.

N0 player may play until full authorisation has been granted. 

  1. Ineligible players

Any team playing an ineligible player(s) will forfeit all points gained by the said player(s). The offending team will also be penalized by a further three points for each ineligible player(s) played. Regardless of the match result this decision to be absolute.

  1. League & Competition fee’s

Each club shall pay the following fee’s annually, which may be altered by the Management Committee at their discretion.

Team registration fee at £12.00p per team is to be paid in advance of any new season, together with the team registration format the final meeting of the season.

Entrants Fee’s Presidents, Jim Ford & Norman Goodall Cups all at £12.00p per team. Conway Shield £10.00p per team & Ray Keane Memorial £6.00p per team.

New & Re-registered players Each registration £1.00p

Match Levy £1.00p per player (£6.00p) each league game per team, these fee’s to be decided by the Management Committee annually, these fee’s to be paid in TWO instalments, at that half season & full season, unless agreed otherwise by the Management Committee.

Individual competition fee’s £1.00p per player per competition,

All monies are payable to the Hon.Treasurer who will forward official demands to all club delegates as and when monies are due, being NO LATER than the last MONTHLY LEAGUE MEETING all payments are to be made by CHEQUE ONLY






  1. Bankers

National Westminster at Mount Road, Birkenhead.


  1. Rules of Play

SIX a side shall constitute a team and a match shall be considered valid irrespective of the number of games or by the total absence of any team, unless RULE 15 has been applied, In such cases games will be awarded to the respective team.

A table or tables must be available for all matches which will commence at .7.30pm

However, for those clubs who only have one table available for match play, these games must start NO LATER THAN 7.15pm.

The home captain shall be responsible for providing a referee for each game and the ruling of the referees will be final. Any delay of 15 minutes at the commencement of the match or between games, shall lead to the defaulting team conceding ONE game for each such delay.

The offended Captain must make an official protest in accordance with this rule and name his player and opponent. All matches should be played on TUESDAYS or other such days as agreed by the Management Committee.

Any fixtures not completed or played in accordance with this rule, shall be reported for consideration of the Management Committee, who may penalise the offending teams up to a maximum of THREE points, which will be deducted from their accumulated total, if a team commits a second offence, up to SIX points may be deducted from the offending team.

Each team shall play Home and Away games against each other within their own division, ONE point will be awarded for each frame won, were a game is drawn, the black will be respotted and the players will toss for break.

A player may play for only ONE team in any ONE week.

  1. Visiting Teams will have the use of table or tables for matches free of charge, All matches shall be played with super crystallite balls and the tables shall be in reasonable match condition. The visiting captain will nominate his player prior to each game and then the home captain will then nominate his opponent. Visiting players will have choice of break in all frames.
  2. Notification of results

The home team shall notify the Hon. Secretary on the official card provided by the league of the match result. The team captain of the home side or his deputy shall be responsible for the completion of the scorecard, which will be signed by them and the captain of the visiting team.

These signatories are responsible for the correct completion of the result card, the correct handicap of each player, the individual result and frame score of each player, with finally the match result. Only breaks of 30 or more to be recorded on card.

If on receipt of the result card it is found that a player has won by way of an incorrect handicap being applied to him the win result will be reversed and awarded to his opponent.

All cards must reach the Hon. Secretary NO LATER than FIRST POST SATURDAY following any match. Any team responsible for submitting a late card i.e. post dated after THURSDAY of the week of the match shall have ONE POINT deducted and TWO POINTS for any subsequent offence without due cause.





  1. Failure to fulfil a fixture

Any team failing to fulfil a match in the mandatory competitions, i.e. Divisional cup or Conway & President shields will be penalised SIX POINTS. As far as our league is concerned our fixtures and competitions take priority over any other leagues. Should a team fail to fulfil any of their last SIX league matches, they may be suspended from the league for the following season.


  1. Postponement of Matches

Notice of postponement of any fixture MUST reach the opponents not later than 72hrs, prior to the match, except in exceptional circumstances.

If for whatever reason a match has to be postponed both Captains should contact the Hon Secretary and provide a binding date as to when they intend to replay the match, if approval is given they will then have 28 days from the date of the original postponement in which they have to replay the match.

Any clubs who cannot reach an agreement over the postponement must refer the matter to the Management Committee whose decision will be final. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the Management Committee setting a fixed date, and or imposing a penalty. No more than 1 Postponement will be allowed in each half season, NONE to be allowed in the last Quarter of the season. All teams shall be expected to fulfil a match with whatever players that are available to them at the time. In exceptional circumstances an appeal may be approved by the Hon Secretary.


  1. Conduct of Members

The Captain of all competing teams shall be responsible for the behaviour of his team members, reserves and visitors for all matches. Any team not complying with these rules will be liable to disciplinary action by the Management Committee.

The Management Committee may expel a member club or an individual member of the league, who in the opinion of the Management Committee violates the rules of the league, or is found guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests to the good conduct of the league.

Before any decision is taken under this rule, the offending member or the registered club representative , shall be given the opportunity to appear before the Management Committee of the league to state their case, showing good cause why such expulsion should not take place.


  1. Dress Code

The wearing of headwear in any form, sports shorts or other similar clothes will not be allowed, if any member has a problem with complying with this code they should make the Management Committee aware of this. Special permission may be granted for “medical, religious or other such conditions” which they would feel would exempt them from complying.

Upon hearing of a breach of this code a request will be sent to the offender(s) club delegate or captain, who will investigate the circumstances of the incident and report back.

If no response is forthcoming, contact will be made with the claimed offender(s) and a request made to attend our next scheduled meeting. Should they fail to respond to this request, they will automatically be suspended from the league pending further investigation.

If no appearance of the claimed offender(s) is made at the requested meeting, the Management Committee will issue a term of suspension based on the evidence given at the meeting by the claimant.





  1. Annual General Meeting

Notice of motion for inclusion in the agenda for the meeting must be made seconded to the Hon Secretary at least TWENTY-ONE days prior to the meeting, the proposer and seconder must attend the AGM for their motion to be given consideration.

The Hon Secretary will forward an agenda of the AGM to all delegates SEVEN days prior to the meeting.

Only motions proposed, seconded and agreed at an AGM shall amend the rules. All registered members will be entitled to vote. The league will publish the actual date of the AGM.


  1. Individual Competitions

Individual Competitions shall be played at the club of the home player by the date and time stated by the Competition Secretary when notifying such games. Club delegates will advise the Competition Secretary of the results of such games as indicated in the said notification.

The HOME player shall be responsible for the availability of a table(s) and a referee unless otherwise agreed by his opponent and responsible for paying all expenses incurred during the match. It is now the responsibility of the HOME player to contact the AWAY player/s at least  24 HOURS before scratch night, the latter will after informing the Competition Secretary of NO contact claim the game.


  1. Promotion-Relegation & Tied Results

Promotion and Relegation between divisions will be on the basis of TWO up and TWO down,

However, the Management Committee shall have the power to suspend or increase promotion and or relegation to maintain equality between various divisions of the league, should new teams enter or existing teams resign from the league

In the event of TWO or more teams being tied on the same number of points in the league position on the completion of all fixtures, their relevant position will be decided in the following order.

The most wins in that season, and if still tied.

The most draws in that season, and if still tied.

The aggregate results of the HOME and AWAY matches played between the said teams during the season and then if still tied.

A play-off between the teams will take place on neutral tables or such tables as the Management Committee shall deem appropriate.


  1. Appeals and Decisions

Any protest regarding any matter must be made officially to the Hon. Secretary within SEVEN days of the incident or matter given rise to the protest.

The Management Committee shall consider such protests at their next meeting.


  1. Rules for Competitions



  1. Play-offs shall be on a neutral table to be nominated by the Management Committee.
  2. In team competitions, clubs may enter as many teams as they wish and these need not necessarily correspond to their league teams.
  3. All players are team bound in team competitions once they have been selected for a team. All winning teams must therefore enter all names of all players on the result card played or not.
  4. The term team competition does not include the PAIRS COMPETITION.
  5. All finals to be played on neutral tables or as designated by the Management Committee







  1. The Sam Lamkin Cup (under 50) & Steve Parr Cup (over 50) of age on

31st December of the commencement year of the season.

All rounds  up to and including semi-final will be TWO frames double handicap, the Final, will be the best of THREE frames.

Rycroft Cup (No age limit)

All rounds up to and including semi-final will be TWO frames double handicap, the Final.  Will be best of THREE frames.

John Edwards Memorial Cup

As per Rycroft Cup, however only open to Current Management Committee, Delegates and Team Captains.

Billiards Cup

Individual Billiards handicap open to all members. Set (150-up) Handicaps to be set by both Comp. Sécretary’s.

Mr A Lewis Merits.

Individual Snooker competition open to all players and played of scratch. All rounds THREE frames except the Final, which will be the best of FIVE frames. Break shall be tossed for in first and last frames of all rounds, the intermediate frame being alternate.

Mrs A Lewis Pairs

Snooker handicap pairs competition played of league handicaps. Open to all members.

Pairs may be from different clubs but must nominate at the outset which club they wish to play at. Both players handicap shall be added together and the result shall be the handicap over the TWO frames played. i.e the scores at the end of the first frame remain and the second frame at such scores with no further adjustment. The match will be decided on the aggregate score over TWO frames. The break in the first will be tossed for and will be alternate in the second, In the second frame the sequence of play by either pair may be changed if they wish.The player who pots the Black at the end of the first frame, breaks off in the second. In the event of a foul shot, the player whose next turn it is, can ask the perpetrator of the foul to play again, after which the player whose turn is next will play his shot.

  1. Divisional Knock-out & Team Competitions

Presidents Shield ( Six Frames) & Conway Shield ( Six Frames)

Both Competitions to be played over TWO legs up to and including the semi-finals on a Home and Away basis. The AWAY team is to nominate first in all matches, current league handicaps apply only.

The result to be determined on points NOT wins or losses, if at the end of the second leg aggregate scores are level, the last two players will toss for break and play out the Black.

Both Finals to be played over one leg and will be based on total points.

Jim Ford Cup & Norman Goodall Cup (Six Frames)

The above competitons consist of SIX frames to be played off league handicaps up to and including the Black ball, in the event of a drawn match the aggregate score will decide the final result.

HOME captains will nominate first player after which the nomination will be alternate.

Ray Keane Memorial Cup (Five Frames)

To be played over Five frames each team consists of   FOUR  players (Three is permitted) FOUR frames of singles ONE frame of doubles in any order. Each player to play at least one frame but NO more than two

HOME captains will nominate first player after which the nomination will be alternate.




  1. Most Wins & Highest Breaks

Jim Ford Shield (Division One) Most Wins. Tom Sparks Shield (Division Two) Most Wins.

Both receive Annual Trophys.

Chris Beattie Shield. Highest Break (Division One) & Annual Trophy.

Barry Roberts Shield. Highest Break (Division Two) & Annual Trophy.

John Read Cup (Rycroft, Lamkin, Parr, Merits & Pairs) Highest break & Annual Trophy.

All Team Cup & Shield Competitions shall have a Highest Break & Annual Trophy.

In the event of a FREE BALL situation arising, the player does NOT have to nominate unless approached by the REFEREE to clarify his selection.


Rules clarified 29th  May, 2018.